Are You Struggling with Spiritual Apathy

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Hello Everyone, It looks like we are in store for another round of winter storms. This time wind chill has been added to make it extra special. Growing up in the High Desert, wind chill was the worst kind of weather. Nothing you could wear would protect you from getting cold. Once that chill got in your bones, it would take most of the day to get warm. That’s how spiritual apathy can set in as well. You get tired, over-extended, or burnt by someone, and soon a malaise sets in that’s hard to shake. It takes a renewal from the Holy Spirit to reignite that fire for Jesus. Are you struggling with spiritual apathy? Jesus wants to revive your heart. Ask Him to restore the joy of your salvation. We watched the Jesus Revolution movie last night, and it was better than I expected. I can’t recommend it enough for you to go and watch it. It was powerful and moving. Make sure to pick up one of the new Village Chapel t-shirts. We have men’s and women’s styles with sizes for everyone. They cost $20, and all proceeds support our summer missions trip. There are also journals for sale. Great for taking sermon notes. Finally, mark your calendars for March 14th. We will be hosting a Seder dinner done by Chosen People Ministries. Come and learn how God laced symbolism of His coming Son throughout the Passover dinner. It will make the Bible come alive. Dinner will be served, and everything starts at 6:30 PM. That’s for now. I’m excited to worship with you this Sunday. Pastor Chuck

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